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Durable Pet Sling Carrier

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Bring your furry friend anywhere with the Durable Pet Sling Carrier! This high-quality carrier is made from breathable and durable synthetic fibers, which makes it a breeze to clean and dry! The carrier also features an adjustable neck that your pet can poke their head out of to get some fresh air! Additionally, there are small holes in the front which you may pull your pet's paws through in order to groom them. It's never been more convenient to take your furry friend on the go!


  • Material: Cloth made from Synthetic Fibers
  • Adjustable Neck Diameter Range: 4.33in (11cm) - 14.7in (36cm)
  • Length*Width: 18.9in (48cm) - 14.96in (38cm)


  • Due to the screen printing process used to make each Sling, there may be slight variations in color.
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Durable Pet Sling Carrier

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