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2-in-1 Pet Shampoo Brush

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Your furry friend's bath time is about to become so much easier! This cute and compact 2-in-1 Bath Brush helps remove dirt, caked-on mud, and loose hair from your pet's fur and paws, and makes them look and feel fresh and clean!

The soft silicone massage brush allows you to exfoliate the dead skin and loose fur that is trapped within the undercoat of your pet's fur. The built-in foaming reservoir allows you to dispense any shampoo your furry friend enjoys the most, and the rubberized gripping handle allows you to easily grasp and control the brush - even in the slipperiest baths! The foaming reservoir also allows you to save on the amount of shampoo you use, and can help to avoid skin irritation on pets with sensitive skin.

Clean-up couldn't be easier as well! Just rinse the brush thoroughly with water to remove all fur, and screw off the lid and flush the inside reservoir with water until it runs clean. This cute little buddy will quickly become one of you and your pet's favorite parts of bath time! 


  • Soft Silicone Material: Made of ABS material, BPA free and harmless!
  • Shampoo-saving foaming reservoir
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-Slip Hand Grip


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2-in-1 Pet Shampoo Brush

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