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Interactive Treat/Kibble Puzzle Dispenser

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Say hello to the Interactive Treat/Kibble Puzzle Dispenser! This fun and vibrant treat/food dispensing puzzle is sure to keep your puppy to medium-sized dog entertained all day! Just use the built-in suction cups to keep the feeder securely on the floor, fill with treats or kibble, and show your puppy how it works by using their paw to press down on top! They will be instantly rewarded with a delicious treat, and they will have to use their problem solving skills to figure out how to dispense another! Once they get the hang of it, we recommend replacing the treats with small grain puppy/dog chow and using it as a tool to slow down quick eaters and to keep your dog entertained for even longer!


  • Press-top Dispenses Treats/Kibble
  • Puzzle design helps improve puppy IQ and cognitive skills
  • Slows quick eaters down, reduces chances of bloating & diarrhea
  • Reduce stress level of anxious puppies by stimulating them
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Interactive Treat/Kibble Puzzle Dispenser

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