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Plush Pet Bed with Snuggle Spot

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This adorable Plush Pet Bed with Snuggle Spot lets your furry friend sleep on the top or burrow inside for a secure, snuggly nap! This bed also has a raised rim that acts as a headrest for added support. The exterior is made of 100% cotton feaux-fur, and the inside is lined with soft fleece! Also, the bottom is covered in an anti-skid material to reduce movement on slippery floors! Green, grey, pink, and coffee colors are available, which all beautifully blend with any home's décor!


  • 7in(40cm) diameter fits pets 8.8–11.0lbs(4–5kg)
  • 6in(65cm) diameter fits pets 16.5–25.4lbs(7.5–11.5kg) 
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Plush Pet Bed with Snuggle Spot

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